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7 Ways Your Business Could Benefit From A Managed WiFi Hotspot

Today’s customers always want access to WiFi. Most businesses provide some form of free WiFi, but very few supply reliable, high-speed secure WiFi.

A managed WiFi hotspot is a great solution to boost your customer experience, profitability and brand recognition. You’ve probably used a public WiFi hotspot before on a train or in an airport, but any business can set one up and if done correctly, it can improve your customer experience and bring in extra revenue.

Here are 7 ways that a managed WiFi hotspot can give your business a boost!

1. Offer Fast WIFI With Great Signal Across Your Entire Premises
As part of a managed WiFi service, your provider will conduct a thorough site survey and determine how many WiFi hotspots are required and where they should be placed to give your customers the best WiFi signal and the highest speed wherever they are on your premises.

2. Separate High-Speed Internet For Your Customers
Your customers will experience superfast download speeds that won’t take anything away from your back-office internet.

3. Keep Your Connection Secure
When customers connect directly to your internet connection, there is a risk that you are giving them a backdoor to your till system, your accounts or your customer data. As a managed hotspot is a separate network from your primary internet the customer is effectively sandboxed away from any sensitive data.

4. Use Your Wifi To Promote Your Business
We can design custom sign-in splash pages for your WiFi. These are extra marketing real estate and the perfect place to place offers and advertisements for your products and services.

If you’re feeling particularly enterprising, you could sell this advertising space to other local businesses. Perhaps you’re a hotel and the restaurant across the road would pay to advertise to your guests through your WiFi page?

5. Time Limit Your Customers’ Access
We know what you’re thinking, if I give my customers free and fast WiFi, won’t they sit there for hours nursing one coffee while they check their emails? Luckily, we can configure a voucher system whereby a code is generated that allows access only for a set period of time.

This time limit is customisable to suit each business as a café might want to give an hour of free WiFi whereas a hotel might want to give a day. Quick question, I wanted a telecoms testimonial from Mid but they’ve been unresponsive

6. Offer Free or Paid WIFI
While some businesses want to offer free WiFi to all their customers, others prefer a more granular approach. There is no right answer as it depends on the business, the customers and the service being offered.

You could offer the first hour free and then charge for additional time. You could provide free WiFi up to a certain data cap and then ask your customer to pay. All these options can be configured to your preference.

7. Social Sign In
By requiring the customer to sign in to the WiFi hotspot through Facebook or Gmail you can build a database of customers for future marketing.

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