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How WiFi Can Be Your Next Marketing Channel

Did you know that free WiFi is one of the most unexploited marketing channels currently available to businesses, delivered to a captive audience willing to genuinely engage with your marketing because they actually get something back in return? Not sure what we’re talking about? Let us introduce you to WiFi Marketing!

WiFi Marketing is when a business provides free WiFi access to its customers and uses this same wireless connection as a content delivery method for its marketing. It’s one of the ways brick-and-mortar businesses are embracing the possibilities offered by new technologies.

How Does WiFi Marketing Work?

– Your premises will have a coverage area, any customer with a WiFi-enabled device like a smartphone or laptop will be able to see your network and connect to it.

– You can mandate that the customer watches, engages or shares content before they are granted access to your network.

– For instance, maybe you have a 30-second video you would like to display before you grant access, many customers are used to content online being gated behind adverts (e.g. YouTube) so they will be willing to watch a short clip. – Or perhaps you could ask your customers to “like” your page on Facebook before being allowed online. This takes them less than 60 seconds and increases the reach and engagement of your social content, and why wouldn’t they like your business, you’re giving them free WiFi!

– Another option is a custom splash page for them to log in, this can be customised to feature your logo as well as banners advertising your special offers or promoting particular products. – You could even rent this splash page space to other local businesses, unlocking another revenue stream via your WiFi. Local restaurants and shops are always eager to increase footfall and putting their brand in front of customers that they know are already out of the house and spending money at a local business is invaluable to them. Overnight, you’ve provided free WiFi to all your customers, boosting brand loyalty, footfall and satisfaction while at the same time putting your (or your business partners’) content in front of hundreds more pairs of eyes a day.

Ready To Take Advantage Of Your WiFi?

Are you wasting your WiFi? Or worse yet, you don’t have WiFi at all! Carden Hotspots can help, from the initial site survey to determine your current signal coverage area and identify dead spots, installing your new access points and configuring your hotspots all the way through to our ongoing expert technical support. Carden Hotspots puts you in control of your WiFi and lets you unlock the revenue that WiFi marketing can bring to your business.

Learn more about how Carden Hotspots can help you keep your customers happy here.

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