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How WiFi Hotspots Can Unlock New Revenue Streams For Bars

Unlock the potential of WiFi hotspots to boost bar revenue. Discover strategies, benefits, and customer engagement in our in-depth guide. 

An often-overlooked avenue for revenue generation is WiFi hotspots. In this guide, we’ll delve into the significance of WiFi in modern hospitality and explore how bars can harness it to bolster their bottom line. 

Benefits of Attracting WiFi-Savvy Customers

Attracting more customers and increasing their satisfaction is an important driver of revenue for bars. Here’s how it can positively impact your business: 

Increased Foot Traffic 
WiFi hotspots act as a powerful magnet for potential customers. When people are out and about, whether they’re tourists exploring a new city or locals seeking a comfortable spot, they often use their smartphones to find venues offering free WiFi. By providing this essential service, your bar can attract a more extensive and diverse clientele, leading to increased foot traffic. 

Extended Customer Retention 
Once customers are inside your bar, the availability of free WiFi encourages them to stay longer. Whether they need to catch up on work, stream their favourite music, or connect with friends on social media, WiFi keeps patrons engaged and satisfied. As a result, they tend to stay longer, order more drinks or food, and spend more. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement 
WiFi networks provide a platform for enhanced customer engagement. Patrons can check in on social media platforms, share their experiences, or post photos and videos of their visit to your bar. These actions create buzz and online visibility for your establishment, attracting even more potential customers. 

Improved Customer Loyalty 
Offering reliable and free WiFi establishes a positive impression with your customers. When they can easily access the internet without any hassle, they are more likely to return to your bar. Moreover, you can take customer loyalty a step further by providing incentives such as exclusive WiFi-enabled discounts or loyalty programs that reward frequent visitors. 

Valuable Customer Data Collection 
WiFi marketing allows bars to collect valuable customer data. By having patrons log in to access WiFi, you can gather information like email addresses, demographics, and browsing behaviour. This data becomes a valuable resource for understanding your customer base and tailoring your marketing efforts accordingly. 

Opportunities for Targeted Marketing 
With access to detailed customer profiles, you can embark on targeted marketing campaigns. Send personalised promotions and offers based on customer preferences and past interactions. By providing customers with relevant content, you increase the chances of conversions and higher sales. 

Potential for Higher Sales and Revenue 
Incorporating WiFi hotspots into your bar’s strategy can ultimately lead to higher sales and revenue. The combination of increased foot traffic, extended dwell time, enhanced engagement, improved loyalty, data-driven marketing, and targeted advertising creates a dynamic environment conducive to business growth. 

Ways Bars Can Use WiFi for Targeted Advertising

Now, let’s explore the various ways bars can use WiFi for targeted advertising and customer engagement: 

1. Location-Based Advertising 
Harnessing the power of your WiFi network, you can implement location-based advertising strategies to entice customers even before they step foot in your bar. Here’s how it works: 

  • Geo-Fencing 
    By creating virtual boundaries around your bar’s vicinity, you can trigger targeted messages to potential patrons when they enter these zones. For instance, you can send a special cocktail offer to individuals within a few blocks of your establishment, enticing them to visit. 
  • Proximity-Based Coupons 
    When customers are in close proximity to your bar, send them real-time coupons or offers that encourage immediate action. The allure of a discount or a free appetiser can be all it takes to draw them in. 

2. Social Media Promotions 
Leverage the immense influence of social media by encouraging your patrons to check in and engage with your bar online. Here’s how this strategy can boost your business: 

  • Check-In Rewards 
    Incentivise customers to check in on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Yelp when they visit your bar. Offer them exclusive deals or discounts as a reward for sharing their experiences with their followers. This not only increases your online visibility but also extends your reach to potential customers in their networks. 
  • User-Generated Content 
    Encourage patrons to post photos and reviews of their time at your bar. Share these posts on your own social media channels, showcasing the authentic and positive experiences others have had. This user-generated content serves as invaluable social proof and attracts more customers. 

3. Email Marketing Campaigns 
The customer data collected through your WiFi network can be a goldmine for creating personalised email marketing campaigns: 

  • Segmentation 
    Divide your customer base into segments based on preferences, demographics, or past interactions. Craft tailored email campaigns that resonate with each segment’s interests, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion. 
  • Personalised Offers 
    Use the data to offer personalised promotions and discounts. When customers receive emails with offers tailored to their preferences, they are more likely to open, click, and make purchases. 

4. In-App Advertising 
Developing a dedicated mobile app for your bar can open up a world of possibilities for targeted advertising: 

  • Direct Communication 
    Send targeted advertisements, offers, and updates directly to your customers’ smartphones through your app. Whether it’s promoting a themed night, announcing happy hour, or introducing new menu items, the app becomes your direct line of communication. 
  • Order and Pay Features 
    Enhance the app with convenient features like mobile ordering and payment. Not only does this streamline the customer experience, but it also provides opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. 

5. Push Notifications 
Stay top of mind by sending real-time push notifications to customers’ devices: 

  • Event Announcements 
    Inform customers about upcoming events, live music performances, or special promotions. Timely notifications can prompt them to plan their visit to coincide with these events. 
  • Happy Hour Alerts 
    Send push notifications during happy hours or special discount periods to remind customers of the great deals available at your bar. 

6. Personalised Offers and Discounts 
Harness the data you’ve collected to create highly personalised offers and discounts: 

  • Behaviour-Based Discounts 
    Analyse customers’ past behaviour and purchases to offer discounts on items they’ve shown interest in or encourage them to try new offerings. 
  • Loyalty Rewards 
    Implement a loyalty programme through your WiFi network, offering rewards and discounts to repeat customers. As they accumulate loyalty points, they’ll be motivated to return for more visits. 

7. Sponsored Content and Partnerships 
Collaboration with local businesses can expand your customer base and create exciting promotional opportunities: 

  • Sponsored Content 
    Partner with nearby businesses to create and promote content together. For instance, a local brewery can sponsor a beer-tasting event at your bar, and both businesses can jointly promote it to their customer bases. 
  • Cross-Promotions 
    Cross-promote with complementary businesses. A nearby pizzeria, for example, could offer a discount to your customers, and you could reciprocate by promoting their pizza night. 

By implementing these targeted advertising strategies, your bar can not only engage customers effectively but also drive revenue growth in a highly competitive market. 

Boost Your Business With A Managed WiFi Hotspot

The incorporation of WiFi hotspots as a revenue stream for bars is a dynamic and strategic approach in today’s hospitality landscape. As explored in this article, there are numerous reasons, factors, common practices, advantages, benefits, and innovative ways for bars to harness the revenue-generating potential of WiFi. 

By offering free WiFi, implementing targeted advertising campaigns, and establishing WiFi-enabled loyalty programs, bars can engage customers more effectively and, in turn, drive revenue growth. The collection and analysis of customer data through WiFi can provide invaluable insights, allowing bars to refine their offerings and marketing strategies. 

Ready to explore how Carden Hotspots can transform your bar’s revenue streams? Contact us today to book a demo and discover the possibilities. 

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