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Hotel WiFi

Available for hotels, restaurants, and any other business that want to give their customers access to high-speed WiFi.

    At Carden Hotspots, we provide networks of high-speed, secure hospitality WiFi solutions access points for hotels. These hotel WiFi access points are the perfect solution to provide a WiFi signal across your whole premises, even to areas that normally have poor coverage.

    Many hotel WiFi services in the UK struggle with insufficient bandwidth or poor signal. Guests on the top floors will often struggle to get a reliable WiFi connection. This can be irritating at best but can be disastrous for business travellers.

    WiFi is an absolute necessity for most travellers and the rise of video calling, streaming, and downloads mean that the average hotel guest is using more bandwidth than ever before. To offer reliable WiFi you need a provider like us that is experienced with offering high-quality managed WiFi for hotels.

    Our team of experts has worked in the technology and telecoms industry for over 10 years and provides an unparalleled level of service, so you can feel confident knowing your guests will be satisfied with their stay.

    What is Managed WiFi for Hotels?

    When you have a network of WiFi hotspot access points installed, guests and staff members’ devices will switch automatically between the different WiFi fields as they move through your premises. Using these access points you can broadcast a consistent WiFi signal across your entire premises, and we have solutions to extend the signal if you need to provide WiFi access in a garden or outside seating area as well.

    Anyone who has ever looked through the one-star review for a hotel will see that unreliable or slow WiFi is a very common complaint. When surveyed, many millennial and Gen-Z consumers even said they would rather stay somewhere that had no running water than no WiFi.

    High speed, reliable WiFi is no longer an optional extra for a hotel to provide, it’s an absolute necessity, as integral to a guest’s satisfaction as a comfortable bed. You need a solution which provides secure, reliable internet across your entire hotel, from the lobby to the rooms, and even to the garden.

    Quality Matters - Our Hotel WiFi Services UK

    Our managed WiFi for hotels includes the ability for you to offer, paid, free, or time-limited WiFi to your guests while keeping a separate network specifically for your team members. These networks are separate so there is no risk of your guests accessing business data and it also keeps your guests’ data secure.

    When you choose Carden Hotspots as your hospitality WiFi provider, you don’t just get the latest WiFi hotspots, you also get…

    Our support team is always available to help. Our helpdesk can troubleshoot our hospitality WiFi solutions remotely or can send an engineer to your site if required.

    Our installers conduct a thorough site survey for every one of our clients, installs WiFi hotspots safely and thoroughly tests the entire network to ensure everything is working.

    A professionally installed wifi system for your hotel will increase the reliability and speed of your network and ensure that your guests and staff both have the bandwidth you need.

    Your back-office network will be separate from the guest network. This helps secure your business network and protect your guests’ privacy.

    We provide ongoing support for our hospitality WiFi solutions and are happy to upgrade or replace your hotspots if your needs change or improved tech becomes available.

    The Benefits of WiFi Hotspots For A Hotel

    Having professionally managed WiFi access points doesn’t just benefit your guests, it helps your business too.

    • Improve your reviews
    • Get more repeat business
    • Use your WiFi as a marketing channel
    • Increase staff productivity through connected apps
    • Keep guest and back-office WiFi separate

    Installing WiFi Access Points In Your Hotel – How It Works

    Our first step would be to conduct a speed test on your existing line, this lets us and you know what the maximum possible internet speed achievable at your premises is.

    We identify areas of poor WiFi reception or slow speeds and then assessing the best placement of access points to achieve complete coverage.

    Once any additional wiring has been completed, we would install the access points and test each one thoroughly to ensure you are getting the desired coverage and speeds.

    You will then be able to enjoy seamless high-speed internet throughout your premises and of course our support desk and on-site engineers will be there to help.