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WiFi For Bars & Restaurants​

Available for hotels, restaurants, and any other business that want to give their customers access to high-speed WiFi.

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    We provide high-speed hotspots and managed wifi for bars & restaurants, or any other venue that needs them. We have a team of business WiFi experts who can carry out a site survey and determine the number of hotspot access points that your premises would need to have complete and reliable WiFi coverage.

    Our team can oversee your network to ensure it is operating at peak performance, allowing you to focus on making your business a success.

    Our bar and restaurant WiFi solution is designed to help you increase your clientele, drive revenue, and reduce your costs by providing your customers a reliable internet connection without the hassle of you having to manage it yourself.

    What is Managed WiFi for Bars And Restaurants?

    What Is Managed Wifi For Bars And Restaurants?

    Managed WiFi is a wireless internet connection which is managed by a third party. The manager monitors the speed and reliability of the connection and is on hand to troubleshoot if needed.

    What Is a Hotspot?

    Our hotspots are generated by WiFi access points which can be placed around your business in order to give the entire premises a stable WiFi signal. Depending on the size of your business, multiple access points may be required but they will always be part for a single network. Customers can then sign in to these hotspots just as they would if they were using the free WiFi on a train or at an airport.

    What does managed WiFi provide for bars and restaurants?

    Having managed WiFi for bars and restaurants allows these venues to offer free WiFi to their customers without having to expose their business WiFi connection to the general public. Bar and restaurant owners are understandably more skilled at running their business than troubleshooting a wireless connection, so it makes sense for the owners of these businesses to partner with a managed WiFi hotspot provider.

    Can I stop neighbours or other businesses using my WiFi?

    A WiFi access point from Carden Hotspot can provide a local WiFi network for your customers to use. You can offer this WiFi free for everyone, offer time-limited sessions, or require customers to enter a code from their receipt to prevent your neighbours stealing your signal.

    Reliable Managed WiFi For Bars And Restaurants UK​

    Bars and restaurants that offer free WiFi see more footfall and more repeat business. Free WiFi has also come to be expected by many younger customers so venues which don’t offer it are losing out to those that do.

    Using a household router for your business WiFi is likely to lead to slow speeds, and unreliable connection, and unsatisfied customers. If you’re going to offer free WiFi, do it the right way and install high-speed WiFi access points from Carden Hotspots. Managed access points are the best wifi system for bars & restaurants.

    At Carden Hotspots, our team have experience delivering reliable WiFi soutions for bars, restaurants, cafes, and other venues. This includes small premises that needed just a single access point as well as large venues which required a mesh network of multiple connected hotspots.

    Bars and restaurants which try and offer customer WiFi on their own run the risk of providing a sub par service, disappointing their customers, interfering with their business broadband, or even exposing their network to hackers. Bars and restaurants which use a managed WiFi hotspot solution provide a higher quality service to their customer, are more secure, and have more options for how they can use their WiFi to drive business.

    When you work with Carden Hotspots you get…

    One of our engineers will visit your premises and conduct signal strength tests to determine how many access points you would need to have full WiFi signal coverage. We then complete the installation process and test everything to make sure its working.

    Our support team is always on had to offer advice and assistance. Because the WiFi hotspots are connected to the internet, our team can troubleshoot almost any issue remotely, so you don’t need to wait for anyone to travel to you if you have a support query.

    We use high quality, industry leading WiFi access point hardware. Our hotspots can handle high speeds and deliver them over a strong, reliable WiFi signal. We make sure you can deliver the highest possible speeds for your customers and your team members.

    Our WiFi solution for bars and restaurants allows you to partition your business and customer networks. This gives your team a reliable internet connection to use for work, and gives your customers a separate internet connection to enjoy.

    The Benefits of Bars & Restaurants’ WiFi Solutions

    Having high-speed WiFi access points that are professionally managed helps your customers and your business.

    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Get more repeat business
    • Make use of your WiFi as a marketing tool.
    • Boost employee productivity with connected apps
    • Create separate, secure WiFi networks for customers and staff
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    The Best WiFi System for Bars & Restaurants

    Using a managed access point from Carden Hotspots is the best method for delivering secure, high-speed internet to your customers. Our access points deliver faster speeds and greater bandwidth capacity, which means your team can provider better customer service and your customers can enjoy higher-quality streaming and downloads.

    Our bar and café WiFi solutions are incredibly secure too, keeping your business data safe from being accessed by your customers, and keeping your customers’ data safe as well.

    Thanks to our intuitive customer dashboard, you can use a web-based interface to make basic changes to your WiFi access point offerings, even if you’re not a tech-wiz. You can make changes like choosing between offering paid, free, or time-limited WiFi, or showing promotions to your customers when they go to sign on to your WiFi. Our support team is always on hand to help with any more complex changes.

    Our WiFi solutions aren’t just for indoor either, if you have an outdoor dining area or a smoking garden, we can also place a waterproof access point on an exterior to extend your WiFi signal outside. This gives your customers secure, reliable internet across your entire venue.

    Ready To Install A High-Speed Hotspot In Your Bar, Restaurant, or Café?

    Are you ready to see the benefits that offering high-speed, secure WiFi to your customers could bring? Our team is here to help. You can book a no-obligation call to discuss the options and answer any questions you might have. We can even carry out an initial site inspection to see how many access points would be required before you sign any contract.