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Visitors to large events like conferences and conventions can often have trouble getting online. Often this is caused by too many users in a single venue using up all the available bandwidth. This is a major problem, because anyone attending an important business meeting will expect immediate access to the internet. Most commercial locations will have WiFi available, but can your network withstand hundreds of simultaneous users?

Carden Hotspots’ access points can help! We provide a variety of event WiFi solutions, from several WiFi access points that cover your entire event site to dedicated WiFi options specifically for the production team.

What Is Event WiFi And What Are The Benefits?

Our event WiFi solution is based on using a series of managed WiFi hotspots to supply a secure, high-speed WiFi connection across a large area.

We normally provide this WiFi hotspot service on an ongoing basis for hotels, pubs, cafes, and restaurants; however, we can also set up a temporary WiFi hotspot network for events.

Outdoor events with strong WiFi have the potential to increase engagement, encourage sponsorship, boost sales, and collect large volumes data. With the help of our WiFi access point solutions, production teams, staff, and attendees can stay connected at festivals, roadshows, conventions, and events across the UK.

The Benefits of Dedicated Event WiFi

A reliable connection that is open to all event visitors has several advantages, from the free publicity that results from visitors checking in or posting from the event itself to the ability to collect significant amounts of consumer data.

Using Access Points For Event WiFi– How It Works

Site Survey

The optimal locations for access points will be chosen. We then see if additional wiring is required to connect the access points.

Installation & Testing

We install the access points and extensively test each one to make sure you are getting the proper coverage and WiFi speeds.

Ongoing Support

Over the course of your event, our team are on hand to offer technical support or make any last-minute alterations.

Who Would Benefit From Event WiFi?

Events like conferences, trade shows, and conventions could all benefit from being able to offer their attendees high-speed, reliable WiFi. Managed hotspots are the best way of doing this.

Our team can determine how many hotspots you would need and whether the existing internet connection can support the number of attendees and devices that will be at your event. We can even provide WiFi for outdoor events!

Your WiFi hotspots can be customised with a bespoke splash page which can be used to promote other services or products you are offering, or to provide extra information to your attendees like the event schedule.

We have experience deploying event WiFi as well as WiFi hotspots for hotels

Need Managed WiFi For An Upcoming Event?

If you’re planning an event anywhere in the UK and need to provide your attendees with WiFi – we want to help! Speak to our team today and book a free consultation.